Fibox Plastic & Aluminium Mechanics Oy
Fibox Plastic & Aluminium Mechanics Oy
Keilaranta 19, 02150 ESPOO
Tel. +358(0)207 785 700

Why Fibox 

Fibox Plastic & Aluminium Mechanics Oy creates solutions and delivers demanding mechanical components for our customers.  We add value to our customers by;

  • Speed - our concepts of ‘solution creation’ and ‘on-time-delivery mode’  insure rapidly implementing superior solutions for the most complex projects.
  • Best delivery accuracy - our track record for achieving superior quality and accuracy is world class, earning ‘supplier of the year’ honors from many of our customers.
  • Easy communication - We make it easy for our customers to create the best low cost opportunities for sourcing in and from China.  English is our second language!  Key support resources speak English.  Management practices are Western and upper management is Finnish.

We work according to following standards approvals & norms:
GMP, ISO 9000 & 14000, ISO 13485, ISO 7 class clean rooms,
TS 16949 certificate, FDA approval, UL approval and OHAS ISO 18000


Fibox Plastic & Aluminium Mechanics Oy   |   Keilaranta 19, 02150 ESPOO   |    Tel. +358(0)207 785 700   |
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