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GK Vzljot

“GK Vzljot” and “Fibox Оу”: a synergy of intelligence and technology for industry benefit

In recent years the GK “Vzljot” has gradually and systematically established contact and cooperation with the Finnish company Fibox -
one of the world’s largest producers of thermoplastic casings used to protect electrical and electronic components of equipment operating in hostile environments.

“When manufacturing for the utilities sector, our company largely employs mass-casting technology”, Kirill Degterev, general director of “SKB Vzlot” LLC, explains. “molded details produced from plastic (including  device casings) and aluminum are incorporated in almost all models of electrical meters “Vzljot ER” and “Vzljot МR”, as well as Energy Meter “TSRV””.

For a number of consecutive years and in accordance with its production strategy, “GK Vzljot” has already placed orders on a contractual basis
for molded parts on facilities  of their partners - both Russian and from abroad. According to Kirill Degterev, Fibox, an international company headquartered in Helsinki, is at the present moment the most promising partner with which to pursue cooperation: “In the last few years
we have carried out several high-tech projects related to the production of finished products. Experience shows that our partnership with Fibox
is characterized by a high degree of flexibility, the efficient exchange of documentation, and a consistently high quality of

During the project’s implementation, the designers of “GK Vzljot” worked closely with specialists from Fibox. In addition to standard electronic correspondence, many business trips to our partner factories were undertaken. The aim of such trips was to fine-tune and “de-bug” the production technology in order to produce the high quality components and assemblies for which GK Vzljot is renowned on the energy meter market.

For his part, Vitaly Kasyanov, sales director of Fibox Russia, particularly appreciates the expertise of GK Vzljot: "Impressive industry experience combined with the raw talent of the engineers in the construction and design company Vzljot, allows them to create unique solutions to achieve previously unattainable levels of reliability in terms of measurements ...

When striving to develop innovative products, it is important to be sure that even the wildest ideas can considered and potentially implemented. In today’s high-precision products there is no place for compromises regarding restrictions in production opportunities and Fibox Оу is happy to place its full technical resources at the disposal of Vzljot  in order to enhance the competitiveness of this market leader in utility measurement.
All in all, we are proud and honored to be able to work with GK Vzljot.”

Fibox Oy is able to produce globally and the company has access to the most advanced materials and technologies. The firm’s specialty is solving complex problems in the field of injection molding. "We are really pleased that our joint work is bringing impressive results and, together with experts from GK Vzljot, each year we are setting more and more ambitious goals for ourselves" concludes Vitaliy Kasyanov. The management of Fibox Oy is convinced that the unique combination of the top engineering talent of GK Vzljot and the extensive technological capabilities of Fibox Oy will undoubtedly bring many more unique, cutting-edge solutions to the market.

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